I’ve been M.I.A for a while now. It’s been a few weeks since I last said anything about what’s going on in my life. 

  1. Snow! Lots of it.
  2. I was in L.A. for a couple weeks in October
  3. Work-ish… but eh. It’s November now!
  4. I’m on that instagram bandwagon now… ah!
  5. Pokemon Black 2
  6. Halo 4
  7. A few pieces of art. I should seriously finish some though… soon
  8. And nothing. 
  9. The snow has kept me grounded this past week… so it’s been zombie mode for me. 
  10. Bum4lyfe

Portrait Drawing Class

With Dixie today. Was pretty cool…. I definitely need to go to more classes like that. 

This has been a meaningless post to you and all.  

Cold Nose

Time for tea!

hi vivi, I just wanted to ask.. how to you appreciate those pictures you post on your tumblr. I'm just curious.

Good question.

Honestly, it depends on a lot of things…

It could either be my mood, what I’ve been reading, what I’ve been thinking, who I’ve been talking to, what I’ve heard/listen to, my own personal tastes that I’ve had as a kid or as I’ve developed over the years, if it makes me laugh, if I’ve been struggling with something, aesthetics, and -most importantly- if it makes me think or connect ideas/thoughts. Any one of those things (or all those things) can impact me on any given day or moment and affect what I post on my tumblr.

That’s how I “appreciate”.

That’s how I value most things in life actually…

Note: Btw, how do you know (one of my many) name(s)?


Although today is my birthday, I celebrated it last night and I’m celebrating it tomorrow. Last night was really fun and I’m glad for the people that are in my life at the moment. I cannot thank you all enough for all the good memories and love you guys have given me! This year has been great and I can’t really complain about anything. 

Here’s to another year!